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Don't miss the 2017 Kite Expo May 5th to May 7th - benefitting Wind Rider Foundation and everyone that attends.

You need more details ?  Find it at

See you all at the Kite Expo !!!

Thanks to the following group of kiters who helped make this Cam a reality:

Rully for generously donating his time and equipment.  Without his efforts this would have never happened!  If you ever need camera work for home or business, talk to Rully.   Matt Naigus for having the idea! Mike Noel and Klaus Shulz for constructing the camera base. Chad for programming the thing. And Finally, Jim Corbett for living on the beach and allowing us to use his roof.


SCKA C 4 Yourself

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You will need to request being added if you are not already part of this group.  
FB access is not related to SCKA membership and is not guarenteed.

SCKA -- Belmont Info

Reminder:  When kiteboarding at Belmont this time of year, please do not turn or jump unless you are at least 200 feet from shore.  The first 200 feet is technically a swim zone and we are allowed in it for launching and landing only.  Turning or jumping in the swim zone is considered reckless boating and endangerment.  Together can cary up to $1600 in fines.

5-day plot - Wind Speed, Wind Gust and Atmospheric Pressure at PRJC1



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