These page gives you an overview of tyhe local beaches we can kite at.  Please look at all the info before deciding where to go -- as some beaches are better for Beginners and even Intermediate kiteres, where as some are recommended for Advanced and Experts only.  For our purposes anyone that can not stay upwind should consider themselves a Beginner -- keep on practicing as even that is fun.  Enjoy and keep our beaches SAFE and OPEN.



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This is designed to provide local insight for the various sites in SoCal. Please review the FormattingGuideLines prior to contributing. The best place to lear (as long as you review and abide by the rules) is Belmont Shore Beach. Most other sites are more for intermediate or advanced kiters. Please be mindful as a lot of effort goes into keeping these beaches open and one false move could japodize all the effort and spoil it for everyone. Sunset Beach and Seal Beach are perfect examples for an advanced kiter beach. The beach is rather narrow we have a dedicated launch area where the kiters are supposed to return to to exit the water, waves are substantial -- so you need to know what you are doing to come here. Also check Dan Slater's site as he has great pictures and plenty useful info: []

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