Seal Beach General Info

Seal Beach is an advanced kiteboarding area. You must be able to stay upwind, and return to your starting point before riding here. Please use the following rules in conjunction with the General Safety Guidelines. Be advised these are not rules set by the SCKA, they have been implemented by the City of Seal Beach per resolution 3876. This has been a windsurfing beach for many years, so if you kite here, please respect the windsurfers.

1. Launching/Landing restrictions

You must enter and exit the water within the designated aquatic sports area. The sign at 3rd Street  west to 1st Street mark this area. If you are unable to return to this area to land, do not go out.

No riding within 100 feet of any bather, surfer, or other beach user.


2. Riding Restrictions

No riding within 200 feet of the pier.

No jumping near any other beach user.  Allow enough room to prevent any possible contact with any equipment.



3.  The River

Kiting in the San Gabriel River is prohibited. This is a navigable waterway with a maximum speed limit of  5mph. The lifeguards will enforce this, and violations may result in citations.


4.    Windsurfers

Kiteboarders should never jump less than 200 ft. upwind of windsurfers or anyone else for that matter, e.g. waverunners, bathers, kiteboarders, boats, etc.

If kiteboarders are on a course to pass within 100 ft. upwind of windsurfers they should go around well downwind of the windsurfer if possible. If conditions make this infeasible, then pass upwind with your kite high and nowhere near the windsurfer's mast.

If passing head to head, give a hand signal as to which side you are going to pass the windsurfer on if there is any potential confusion at all.

Otherwise normal sailing rules apply, as always.

Simple courtesy and common sense is really all it comes down to. If we use it, we should all enjoy lots more time on the water free of complaints and related issues.


5.   Stingrays

Shuffle your feet when walking in the water. If you get stung,  immediately get to the nearest Lifeguard for treatment -- if none is available find a way to soak your feet in HOT water (as hot as you can stand it) for at least 40 min.  The Sting Ray poision is a protein that disintegrates when heated.



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