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Topanga is an advanced kiteboarding beach. It has become very crowded as it is the closest spot to the City with a good thermal wind in the right direction. Very rocky launch can eat toes and equipment. The beach is extremely narrow with more dog doo than rocks, and a palm tree that has a large appetite for kites.

Kite leashes are mandatory- Hands Free Spinning Leash Information here

When launching, put the kite over the water immediately, walk north on the sand and
in front of homes to a little bit of sand to launch from, or go directly into the water being
very careful not to leave too much skin or bone on the barnacles, rocks, and urchins. 

If you drift south past the lifeguard headquarters, walk back with your kite over the water.

Do not cut of or go through surfers in this very popular surf spot just to the south of the
launch area. We do ride waves here but are very courteous and only do it when the lineup
is empty. The County lifeguard headquarters building is in front of the break so the consequences are obvious. Advanced spot. Launch on the beach North of the creek and bluff to the north of the palm tree.

The local crowd loves to stay on top of the beach to show each other how cool they can jump, though no kelp limits outside reach. This makes for a dangerous inside section.

If you are down in the water and actually need help, wave for guards with both hands.
If you are ok, put one hand on head in the old "I am ok sign". 

Baywatch county boat and several lifeguard units will often respond to a simple splashed kite. As elsewhere, make it clear to the guards that we know how to self rescue and keep the sport safe.

Don't even think about teaching a friend here. Like County line, it is unsafe and your friend
will hate you for the missing toes and grumbly locals.

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The local contact at Topanga can be reached at
Local windinfo : (iKitesurf)
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