Torrance Beach - General Info

Preliminary Kiteboarding Rules for Torrance Beach
(Submitted to Lifeguards for Additional Input)

Use these guidelines established with the cooperation of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards and SCKA members.

Riding Restrictions (violations may result in citations)

Kite leashes are mandatory.
Hands Free Spinning Leash Information here

No riding within 200 feet of shore, unless launching or landing (When launching, go upwind and get 200 feet on as direct a course as possible).

No jumping or jibing within 200 feet of shore unless on-duty lifeguard gives permission.

No jumping near any other watercraft.  Allow enough room to prevent any possible equipment failure. 

Stay completely away from swimmers and surfers.

Launch Area Restrictions

Downwind riders, body draggers, and students must stay North of Rat Beach. Kiteboarders that can go upwind may rig and launch north of the Rat Beach Tower.

Check with Lifeguard for launch instructions.  This is the area marked by the yellow buoys.

No launching north of the main Torrance ramp/or Lifeguard station unless Lifeguard grants permission.

Summer Months: Launch at Rat Beach ONLY.

Bike Path Restrictions


Lines must be fully wrapped on the bar when crossing the bike path.

Do not inflate within 200 yards of path.


Wind up lines of grounded kites that are not in use and keep all gear at least 50 feet from water (for emergency vehicles).

Black-out Days

All major holidays

At Lifeguard's direction

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