Zuma Beach General Info

Very onshore but nice long sandy beach to do down wind runs when learning and
great onshore pound waves and chop when advanced. Large surf and rip tides can make
Zuma very hazardous.

As Zuma can get thousands and thousands of people on a summers day, launching is
prohibited for most of the summer unless the beach is obviously empty and the lifeguards are

In winter time, the north end of Zuma is a great place to practice your beach drags in light
winds. Watch out for the power lines and towers at the north end and stay near the water line.

The beach just north of Zuma and before Trancas point is a possible kite access area.
This is lined with homes and two access ways were mandated by the City. 
The homes have a line of nasty metal low tide/ hi tide markers to keep people off their
private beach property.  Extreme caution must be practiced to launch amongst these
obstacles and not put the kite onto someone's roof. 

Many beginner/intermediates practice their first downwind runs here leaving a car at
the northernmost end of Zuma at Trancas Creek.

Winter time leaves the beach mostly empty and many kite here. If it is a crowded day,
be sure to come in and land your kite no further south than Trancas Creek. We have tried to
inform all lifeguards of our ability to self rescue and self police. The guards get plenty
of rescues without kites thrown in.

Many lifeguards have been shown how to grab a kite when it is landed at all the Malibu State
and County beaches.  Don't take it for granted though. Have a friend ready to grab your kite if
at all possible. 

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The local contact at Zuma Beach can be reached at zumabeach@scka.org
Local windinfo : (iKitesurf)
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