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SCKA_02 2011 Capture the Wind Corporate Sponsor
Please help the SCKA support the Long Beach Sea Festival and Show off your latest Gear. Friday July 22-Sunday July 24th
Terms: and Conditions:
*allows: for 1 beach spot to showcase gear
*Limit: 1 company per spot
1 $200.00
Have the need for Speed??? Wanna show those other guys your rooster tail. Then sign up and win!
All: entrance fees go to the winner. Win or go home!
0 $20.00
SCKA_CTW_PARTICIPANT1 King of the Air Participant 2011
You are here to participate in the SCKA King of the Air event. This category is for the experienced Kiteboarder performing big Air, Unhooked crazy tricks. You don't want to be an undercard! This is the MAIN EVENT! All sign up fees go to the winer! There is no love for second place! Judging Criteria is being developed.
0 $20.00
SCKA_CTW_SUP_RACER SUP Race Participant 2011
You are here to race your SUP in Belmont Shore.
This: is a fun family circuit corse set close to shore to make for a great spectacle!
0 $20.00